Yamaha DT 125 LC MKII

I’ve always wanted an offroader, i like the simple and light DT models from Yamaha. When i saw this bike for a good price i bought it. This version is liquid cooled and has a powervalve system in the exhaust port (YVPS), which alters the exhaust port height to a lower level at slower engine speeds. This gives the bike a wide powerband combined with the typical two stroke peak power.

The engine produces 22 HP which isn’t much, but ok for the light weight of 100 kg. Feels like riding a tuned moped 😉

The bike is in good mechanical condition, with only a little ignition problem that i’m fixing at the moment. Brakes, liquids, chain and sprockets haven’t done many km’s. The cosmetics aren’t too good, but who cares when the bike is covered in dirt most of the time.

I will upload pictures in the gallery below, make sure to check the descriptions on some of the pictures:

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