Video tutorials

Piaggio engine, Ciao – Bravo – Citta – Grillo – Si – CBA – etc.:

Piaggio Moped Engine Rebuild

A complete guide to rebuild or repair a Piaggio moped engine, like you would find in a Vespa Ciao, Bravo, Si, Grillo, Gilera Citta etc. I talk about changing bearings, measuring the ignition components and more.

Piaggio Moped Engine Tuning

I’ll show you how to enlarge the intake for a 13 mm Dellorto SHA, adjust the transfer and boost ports and adjust the inlet timing on the crankshaft.

Piaggio Moped Clutch

Everything you need to know about the Piaggio clutch, as found in many single speed Piaggio / Vespa Mopeds. I.ex. Bravo, Ciao, Citta, Si, Grillo etc.

Puch shifter engine, Monza – MS – VZ – VS – X50 – Pioneer – Maxi 2 – Imola – etc.:

Puch M4 2 Speed Engine Assembly

I’m assembling a Puch M4 engine. I cover the replacement of the bearings, seals and gaskets. I also show you how to measure and adjust the axial play of the shafts and the order how everything gets assembled. The information in this video can be used for several Puch shifter engines to some extend.

Puch M8 and M9 Engine Rebuild

This is an addition to my Puch 2 speed engine rebuild video, where i show the details on the 3 & 4 speed engine.