Software & Tools

Degreewheel for Piaggio moped engines

Attached is a degreewheel you can print and use, it’s made in 300DPI so the size is correct when you print it. It’s 100 mm outside, cut the inside at 77 mm from center and it fits your Piaggio engine.

Jaap’s Puch Calculator

A very helpful tool to calculate your cylinder port timings on any two stroke bike, from mm to degrees BTDC and reverse. Let me know if the link is dead.

Moped Engine Ignition Timing Calculator

I’ve made a spreadsheet that you can use to calculate the ingition timing, to convert mm before top dead center to degrees, and reverse.

Moped Speed Calculator

Another spreadsheet i’ve made, to calculate the speed of your moped at a given RPM.

Piaggio/Vespa Moped Gearbox Ratio Calculator

Use this spreadsheet to find the gear ratio of a Piaggio/Vespa moped gearbox.

Piaggio/Vespa Moped Speed Calculator

Use this spreadsheet to determine your final speed. You can change all the parameters like gear ratio, tyre size, pulleys and RPM.

Piaggio/Vespa Choke Holder 3D Files

Download 3D files, to print your own choke lever holder.