Yamaha DT50/80MX

My newest touring moped, a Yamaha DT50MX – with an RD80 engine, lets just call it an optimized DT50MX, or DT80MX? As usual, pretty rough state. I invested a lot of time in the frame and engine, but close to no cosmetic repairs. I use it to haul lots of luggage and the paint would just get ruined anyways. The engine is a five speed with 79 ccm cylinder that i have ported to get a little power increase. I used a low hung Simson moped exhaust to get more space for panniers. The ignition is a modified HPI 2-Ten from a newer DT model, so that i have nice 12V light and a little battery to power my phone. The ignition curve gives me lots of bottom end torque. The whole thing is fed by a classic Dellorto PHBG 21 mm.

Pictures and descriptions here:

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