Small Pistons Moped Touring 2021

This year our trip was planned early. Due to travel restrictions, nearly all shelters where pre-booked already in february. So we had to find a date quick and make some reservations. But to no complaint, the weather changed to dry and hot just as we started our trip.

We drove along the german border to Als, where we took the ferry to Fyn. Took the southern bike route and back to the westcoast inland. From there over to Jylland again and back home. The weather really had a great impact on our mood, but the routes where amazing too.

Moped Touring 2021

We had some new members with us, with partly unrestored mopeds. They where the cause of many repair stops, broken clutches, ignition problems and loose exhausts. But that just adds some fun to the trip.

Enjoy some pictures below, a video will come shotly after.

Piaggio/Vespa Moped Speed Calculator

Yet another moped speed calculator, specifically for Piaggio/Vespa/Gilera belt driven mopeds, like the Ciao, Bravo, Si etc.

My own testings show pretty accurate results, you typically need to input a little higher tyre size, because the rim size isn’t measured at the furthest point of the outer edge. Cross check with the tyre circumference. The pulley diameters should be measured on the outside of the belt, so wrap one around your pulleys and measure the diameter with a caliper. In some pulleys the belt sits lower than the outer diameter.

You need MS Excel, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, GDocs or similar to open the file.

Piaggio Grillo Cargo Bike

I bought a Piaggio / Vespa Grillo some years ago at a moped market, got it very cheap and it ran. But it was filled with defects, but i planned to restore it anyway, as i tend to do. The plan was to use it for my annual moped holiday, so it had to have more storage space and a variomatic system to climb larger hills with all the added weight.

The frame wasn’t in a good shape, by coincidence i found a nearly complete one for cheap, with an ok original paintjob and lots of good parts on it. So i made the best moped out of all the parts.

The engine got some small upgrades to carry all the weight, and maybe a little added fun 😉
Watch the galleries below and check the descriptions for further details.

Engine and drivetrain:


Piaggio/Vespa Moped Gearbox Ratio Calculator

Another spreadsheet to calculate moped stuff. This one is pretty simple and used to calculate the gear ratio of a 4 shaft reduction gearbox, found in various Piaggio mopeds.

Just count the teeth on the shafts corresponding to the ones shown in the picture, and plot them in the orange fields.

You need MS Excel, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, GDocs or similar to open the file.

Honda Express NC50 2-speed

My brother bought himself a Honda Express NC50 2-speed from 1983. It was in a driveable condition, but was no fun. It could barely do 30 km/h, and forget about pulling a grown man uphill.

My first thought was to upgrade the intake and carburettor, but that gave only minimal results. I checked everything, and concluded that the 13 mm exhaust header pipe was the biggest restriction. So we ordered a MLM Street exhaust from the USA. While we were at it, we bought a Malossi 45,5 mm kit that was on sale from a danish dealer (Mopedspeed). It took a little grinding to fit, since it’s made for the Honda Camino PA50 model. But the transfers, exhaust angle, stud spacing etc. are all the same.

Now it rides really well, i think my brother will be happy.