Piaggio Grillo Cargo Bike

I bought a Piaggio / Vespa Grillo some years ago at a moped market, got it very cheap and it ran. But it was filled with defects, but i planned to restore it anyway, as i tend to do. The plan was to use it for my annual moped holiday, so it had to have more storage space and a variomatic system to climb larger hills with all the added weight.

The frame wasn’t in a good shape, by coincidence i found a nearly complete one for cheap, with an ok original paintjob and lots of good parts on it. So i made the best moped out of all the parts.

The engine got some small upgrades to carry all the weight, and maybe a little added fun 😉
Watch the galleries below and check the descriptions for further details.

Engine and drivetrain:


3 Replies to “Piaggio Grillo Cargo Bike”

  1. Wow! Thank you for this beautiful post. Really good job! It looks great.

    I noticed that almost every aftermarket pipe have problems with the connection angle being wrong. How do you bend it properly like you did? Can you demonstrate next time?

    1. It’s the first time i had this problem with a Giannelli, but it wasn’t the exhausts fault. I had this excact one in the same type of frame with an Athena cylinder, and the fitment was perfect. I’ve had no problems with Sito and Giannelli. But Tecno and similar are always bad :-/
      I used a long socket with an 22 mm outside diameter and clamped the exhaust to it, and then bent it in a vice. Just brute force it in place. This is pretty easy with a thin cheap Tecno exhaust, but the Giannelli was pretty hard to shape. Some heat would have helped, but then i’d have to paint it again.

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