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  1. Excellent work!
    Do you think maybe you can list what parts are needed to put a vario on the standard ciao? And what parts to avoid?

    I would like to do this some day to one of my ciao’s.

    Thank you!

    1. You need a rear gearbox for vario, it has a long input shaft. The are different ratios, i’d recommend a 10,X:1 for a tuned setup like this with a fast 43-46 mm kit.
      Then the rear pulley setup with clutch, you need the one with 90 mm discs, the 100 mm version doesn’t fit well.
      A Polini, malossi og Pinasco variator in the front.
      You also need a special belt, get the one called AX35,5 – that fits best in my opinion.
      Then some rollers and clutch springs to fine tune, most variators come with rollers in the region og 6,5-7 gram, that is good for most setups.

      1. Than you very much for fast response! I love your tutorials – the best I’ve seen online.

        I haven’t made the conversion yet, but I have made some shopping:
        1. One rear gearbox for vario (ratio 10) -OR- another one with ratio 13 (I have two).
        2. Rear pulley vario-set with 90 mm disc.
        3. Original Piaggio front variator with 5 rollers: 5×9,8 gram (5 x 8,6 g just the weight).
        4. Belt 12,3×965 and 13×950 (not yet sure which one will fit).

        Do you think I should start with original Piaggio or go straight for a Polini/Malossi vario?

        My thoughts:
        1. Changing front vario to Polini/Malossi or just buy lighter weights.
        2. Should I change just clutch springs or also the “big” rear vario spring? Both? Or keep original?

        My setup and plan:
        The Piaggio that I want to convert has a 43 mm cylinder, 13 mm carb, and a normal looking “Gianelli Power”-type exhaust.

        I would much better prefer a good balance of acceleration and top speed. If had to choose I would pick acceleration over top speed. But I don’t wan’t to go slower than 40-45 km/h. If I can get a speed at 50 km/h and still keep a good acceleration that would be perfect for me.

        1. Hi, thanks for the kind words 🙂

          What 43 mm kit do you have?

          I would go straight for a Polini vario, and then a ~7 gram roller kit. The 90 mm rear pulley in combination with a 10 ratio gearbox will be pretty fast, you can get up to 70-75 km/h with that combination. If your engine is well built and strong. The 13 gear ratio will be a bit low in my opinion, but i think it will be enough for 50 km/h. I think you need to try both and see what you like best. I’m running the 90 mm pulley and 10 ratio gearbox on a similar setup, and it has great acceleration and goes over 70 km/h on the GPS.
          The original vario has a narrow working “stroke” and you have to lighten the rollers yourself, you can’t buy 14×14 mm rollers for this model, other than standard.

          There are 3 types of vario clutches, if you can find a bit harder springs, mount them. That helps a lot with take of from standstill. The large spring is only necessary to change if you have belt slip, if not, keep the original = less wear on the belt and power loss due to friction.

          Hope it helps 🙂

          1. The cylinder I will use is a 43mm DMP.

            The reason I want to change to variator is because I hope to have a more even and smooth acceleration across “all speeds”. If I can get more top speed that will just be a bonus, but it is not the main result I am looking for.

            Super thanks for your informative reply. You continue to educate us! I am very happy with your answers.

          2. I think the DMP 43 mm is a mild cylinder, so don’t expect the kind of speeds that you get from a DR, Polini og Malossi 43 mm 🙂 Maybe it is too weak for the long gear ratio, but try it!

  2. I have found that Polini has 14×14 weights at 7,6 g (polini number 241.199).

    Yes I think you are correct about the DMP cylinder is not as strong as the higher end manufacturers. I will not expect any miracles but a slight perfomance boost would make me happy. My goal is not to make this a “racer”… I just want a little more acceleration. Top speed is just a bonus in this particular case 🙂

    I have another Ciao project that will be used for more performance 🙂
    So any knowledge is still useful for the future projects.

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