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  1. Excellent work!
    Do you think maybe you can list what parts are needed to put a vario on the standard ciao? And what parts to avoid?

    I would like to do this some day to one of my ciao’s.

    Thank you!

    1. You need a rear gearbox for vario, it has a long input shaft. The are different ratios, i’d recommend a 10,X:1 for a tuned setup like this with a fast 43-46 mm kit.
      Then the rear pulley setup with clutch, you need the one with 90 mm discs, the 100 mm version doesn’t fit well.
      A Polini, malossi og Pinasco variator in the front.
      You also need a special belt, get the one called AX35,5 – that fits best in my opinion.
      Then some rollers and clutch springs to fine tune, most variators come with rollers in the region og 6,5-7 gram, that is good for most setups.

      1. Than you very much for fast response! I love your tutorials – the best I’ve seen online.

        I haven’t made the conversion yet, but I have made some shopping:
        1. One rear gearbox for vario (ratio 10) -OR- another one with ratio 13 (I have two).
        2. Rear pulley vario-set with 90 mm disc.
        3. Original Piaggio front variator with 5 rollers: 5×9,8 gram (5 x 8,6 g just the weight).
        4. Belt 12,3×965 and 13×950 (not yet sure which one will fit).

        Do you think I should start with original Piaggio or go straight for a Polini/Malossi vario?

        My thoughts:
        1. Changing front vario to Polini/Malossi or just buy lighter weights.
        2. Should I change just clutch springs or also the “big” rear vario spring? Both? Or keep original?

        My setup and plan:
        The Piaggio that I want to convert has a 43 mm cylinder, 13 mm carb, and a normal looking “Gianelli Power”-type exhaust.

        I would much better prefer a good balance of acceleration and top speed. If had to choose I would pick acceleration over top speed. But I don’t wan’t to go slower than 40-45 km/h. If I can get a speed at 50 km/h and still keep a good acceleration that would be perfect for me.

        1. Hi, thanks for the kind words 🙂

          What 43 mm kit do you have?

          I would go straight for a Polini vario, and then a ~7 gram roller kit. The 90 mm rear pulley in combination with a 10 ratio gearbox will be pretty fast, you can get up to 70-75 km/h with that combination. If your engine is well built and strong. The 13 gear ratio will be a bit low in my opinion, but i think it will be enough for 50 km/h. I think you need to try both and see what you like best. I’m running the 90 mm pulley and 10 ratio gearbox on a similar setup, and it has great acceleration and goes over 70 km/h on the GPS.
          The original vario has a narrow working “stroke” and you have to lighten the rollers yourself, you can’t buy 14×14 mm rollers for this model, other than standard.

          There are 3 types of vario clutches, if you can find a bit harder springs, mount them. That helps a lot with take of from standstill. The large spring is only necessary to change if you have belt slip, if not, keep the original = less wear on the belt and power loss due to friction.

          Hope it helps 🙂

          1. The cylinder I will use is a 43mm DMP.

            The reason I want to change to variator is because I hope to have a more even and smooth acceleration across “all speeds”. If I can get more top speed that will just be a bonus, but it is not the main result I am looking for.

            Super thanks for your informative reply. You continue to educate us! I am very happy with your answers.

          2. I think the DMP 43 mm is a mild cylinder, so don’t expect the kind of speeds that you get from a DR, Polini og Malossi 43 mm 🙂 Maybe it is too weak for the long gear ratio, but try it!

  2. I have found that Polini has 14×14 weights at 7,6 g (polini number 241.199).

    Yes I think you are correct about the DMP cylinder is not as strong as the higher end manufacturers. I will not expect any miracles but a slight perfomance boost would make me happy. My goal is not to make this a “racer”… I just want a little more acceleration. Top speed is just a bonus in this particular case 🙂

    I have another Ciao project that will be used for more performance 🙂
    So any knowledge is still useful for the future projects.

  3. Hello Carsten i have a ciao whit an variator whit 90 rear pulleys. When i first bought the kit it worked great how ever, after i did a autumn wash and tried to start it, it would only comp some times my thought was that the belt had been stretched out so i bought a new belt in the same size 13×950 but now it won’t even comp. +how much should you tighten the belt, Im very happy whit your answers.

    1. Hi, you should adjust the belt so that it’s flush on the outside with the rear pulley. The rest will automatically keep the tension. After some km you may need to readjust. Remember to keep the decompressor pulled while you try to start, and release it when the engine spins. Also try to degrease the pulleys front and rear.

  4. Hej Carsten
    Hvor køber du det Ax35,5 bælte henne?
    Har 90mm skive bag og mallossi variator foran.
    Har købt en mallossi rem, men den er alt for lang, selv om motoren er helt fremme..

  5. Hej Carsten
    Jeg er i et lille dilemma, jeg har købt følgende stumper (Rear Clutch Variator Ciao og Malossi Variator Vespa) hos jmpb parts.
    Jeg er blevet i tvivl om om jeg overhovedet kan bruge stumperne på min vespa ciao 1972.
    bagnavs aksel er alt for kort til at nå igennem variotor koblingen.
    Er der noget man kan gøre eller købe for at delene passer på knallerten.

    1. Hej William

      Du skal have et bagnav til vario modellen, den har en lang aksel som bagerste remskive/kobling kan monteres på. Det skal enten findes brugt, ellers laver Pinasco et nyt tomt hus, og så kan du få indmad fra CIF/Malossi/Pinasco.
      Regn med 1000-2000 kr for alt dette.

      De findes med forskellige udvekslingsforhold, så det skal også lige afstemmes til hjulstørrelse/motor ydelse/ønske om hastighed.

    1. Hej, du skal søge på brugtmarkedet. Evt. på facebook grupper. Alternativ kan du købe et komplet nyt hus hos Pinasco, og gear set fra Pinasco, CIF eller Malossi. Regn med 1000-2000 kr.

  6. Hej Carsten. Hvor køber du den der AX 35,5 rem? jeg har en Grillo med polini vario og 43 mm Malossi kit…den render godt 70 men trænger til en ny rem.

    Mvh Claus.

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