Tuned Ciao Engine

I’m building a new engine for my Vespa Ciao, the original engine is just a bit too slow. I’m keeping the original engine, i bought a second engine for this tuning project.

2015-01-03 14.04.16

The setup will be:

  • Stock Ciao engine case with modified intake and transfer ports.
  • Mazzucchelli AMT002 crankshaft, modified intake timing.
  • DR 43 mm cylinder kit with Malossi high compression head.
  • Dellorto SHA 13 mm carburettor.
  • Giannelli Original Power exhaust.

Check the gallery below, i will add more pictures when i make progress. Further descriptions are on the pictures.


A short video after i’ve finished adjusting it, i might put a smaller pulley in the rear to get a little more top speed. Right now it does a little over 60 km/h.