Small Pistons Touring 2014 Video

Back again with a new Small Pistons video!

SP2014 (4)

Early August we went on our annual moped holiday, four days in southern Denmark and Funen. We found some great routes and perfect shelters to sleep in every night. The weather was great, except the last day on our way home.

Sadly our friend Henrik had to go back after one day, his newly bored cylinder started to rattle a lot! Other than that we only had some minor breakdowns. Ripped cables, loosened sprocket nut, some ignition point adjustments and only a single flat tyre!

Small Pistons now have a clubhouse!

Our member Benno cleaned out his old goat stable to give our moped gang a new home, where we can meet and party together! It only took him a week to get eveything ready and we celebrated with a wild party. There’s a bar, a workbench, music and even a pc with internet.

Here are some blurry photos made by drunk people:


And a video of the mandatory burnouts: