Small Pistons now have a clubhouse!

Our member Benno cleaned out his old goat stable to give our moped gang a new home, where we can meet and party together! It only took him a week to get eveything ready and we celebrated with a wild party. There’s a bar, a workbench, music and even a pc with internet.

Here are some blurry photos made by drunk people:


And a video of the mandatory burnouts:

Small Pistons Moped Touring 2013

This year we managed to have 11 participants on our annual moped holiday. We went along the danish/german border and took the ferry to funen where we went along the coast. It took three days to drive a little over 500 km, we planned four days but hurried home when we got too much rain.

Remember to watch it in the highest quality settings ­čÖé