Puch Maxi 2016 Update

I haven’t used my Puch Maxi in a long time, the aftermarket wire rims and cheap tires had a bit of vibration and the engine lacked power. I bought some Grimeca cast wheels and nice Schwalbe tires. For the tuning i got a new engine from my friend and club member Esben, don’t want to race the original number match engine.

Puch Maxi

I rebuild the spare engine with new bearings, seals and a stuffed DMP crankshaft. The topend is a 45 mm Airsal 4 port cylinder with a DMP head, the head isn’t designed correctly, i will need to make some adjusting. I started with a 15 mm Bing replica, but liked the 12 mm original square Bing more. The exhaust is a Jamarcol straight pipe, doesn’t make much noise and has pretty good performance. I need to adjust the clutch with lighter shoes and stiffer springs, there is not much bottom end in this Airsal kit.

More pictures and comments in the gallery below:

4 Replies to “Puch Maxi 2016 Update”

  1. Den står lige i skabet! Fed Maxi – pænt arbejde. Hvad er det for en forlygte du har på ?
    Og er far en bare en alm RAL-farve? 🙂

    1. Tak 🙂 Lakken fik jeg blandet ved den lokale farve handler. En Jotun med kode 6502-Y, en grå med lidt gul i så den bliver varmere i farven. Lygten er en universal rund som man kan få ved de fleste knallert shops.

      1. Den er hjemmemalet simpelthen? Imponerende 🙂 Okay, den passer godt til knallerten. Både farven og lygten 🙂

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