Kreidler RS 5 speed – frame

Say hi to my latest restoration project. I got a 3 speed Kreidler RMC from my brother, when i found a 5 speed engine i decided to convert and register it as a motorcycle. So it will become a RS model with a 6,25 HP setup. This should be good for 85 km/h, and the police can’t do anything about me riding more than 30 km/h 😉

I will try to reuse as many parts as possible, and keep a bit of patina. I like to use my bikes and not to worry about scratches. So i’m spending many hours with cleaning, bending and buffing.

I’m also swapping the 6V points ignition to a Kokusan 12V CDI model, more on that later.

Lets see the progress so far, remember to look for picture comments and check back for more updates in the future.

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