Honda PA50 Camino Hobbit decals

I wasn’t happy with the printed on transparent foil decals, that i could buy for my Honda PA50. I’ve created my own, a copy from an old original. It’s made in Adobe Illustrator and is in vector format, so a plotter can cut it in foil.

Download various file formats in a zip file here:

Honda PA50 Decals

Piaggio Moped Clutch

Everything you need to know about the Piaggio clutch, as found in many single speed Piaggio / Vespa Mopeds. I.ex. Bravo, Ciao, Citta, Si, Grillo etc.

I’m explaining how the clutch works and how you take it apart to service it.

Moped Speed Calculator

Another spreadsheet i’ve made, to calculate the speed of your moped at a given RPM. You need to know the details of your engine, gearbox, sprockets and rear wheel. You can find most of it in a spare parts catalogue, or simply count the teeth on all sprockets.

Moped Speed Calculator

Only type in the blue fields!

If you want to calculate the velocity for a single speed engine like a Puch Maxi, just type the same value in “1 Gear” in the primary and secondary fields. I’ve made the file up to a 6 speed gearbox.

You can use MS Excel, OpenOffice, LibreOffice or a similar program.

Moped Engine Timing Calculator

I’ve made a spreadsheet that you can use to calculate the ingition timing, to convert mm before top dead center to degrees, and reverse. I think the file is self explanatory, click the link below and try it out.

Ignition Timing Calculator

You can use MS Excel, OpenOffice, LibreOffice or a similar program.

Puch M4 2 Speed Engine Assembly

I made another video, this time i’m assembling a Puch M4 engine. I cover the replacement of the bearings, seals and gaskets. I also show you how to measure and adjust the radial play of the shafts and the order how everything gets assembled.

The information in this video can be used for several Puch shifter engines to some extend, i will also make a video in the future of the most popular 3-4 speed engine.

Watch the video on Youtube:

Piaggio Moped Engine Tuning

I’ve made a video where i show the steps to make a Vespa moped go faster. It’s a Vespa Si engine from my friend Kim, it came with a Athena 43 mm cylinder kit, but the engine case was not adjusted for this cylinder.

I’ll show you how to enlarge the intake for a 13 mm Dellorto SHA, adjust the transfer and boost ports and adjust the inlet timing on the crankshaft. Watch the video on Youtube here:

Helpful software can be found here: Jaap’s Puch Calculator (let me know when the link is dead).

Attached is a degreewheel you can print and use, it’s made in 300DPI so the size is correct when you print it. It’s 100 mm outside, cut the inside at 77 mm from center and it fits your Piaggio engine. Click on the image for the full size.