Pers Kreidler TM – engine assembly.

Yesterday i recieved more parts for Pers Kreidler, a new crankshaft from Top Racing, engine gasket  and some shims.

I’ve uploaded alot of pictures in the other album here:

I’ve made some comments on some of the pictures, be sure to look for them at the bottom while browsing the photo gallery.

The Kreidler will soon be on the road again, can’t wait to get the first test drive, this bike is really something special!

Pers Kreidler TM 1972

My friend Per bought this very beautiful Kreidler TM from 1972, it is very well restored and registered as a motorbike. So he’s allowed to drive more than 30 km/h 😉

Sadly, the engine was leaking oil on the outside and into the crankcase. It had problems with idle and low speed driving, the crankshaft seal on the ignition side couldn’t seal because of a damaged surface on the crankshaft. We change all seals and bearings while we have the engine open, two of the gearbox bearings where a little worn. A new crankshaft is also on the list.