Piaggio Typhoon – Frame

I got this Typhoon very cheap, perfect for my new tuned engine.

I took everything apart, checked all the bearings, shocks, brakes etc. And assembled everything again. Alot of the plastic panels where damaged, but i managed to fix it with a bith of kludging.

The red rims are from the donor Gilera Stalker.

Piaggio Typhoon – Engine build

I bought a used engine for this project, the newer Hi-Per 2 Pro version from a Gilera Stalker. The crank bearings where damaged, probably caused by a lack of oil. The hose that goes from the oil pump to the carburettor was squeezed under the cylinder, the only lubrication this engine got was on the outside.

At the time i rebuild the engine, i didn’t know what setup i wanted to run. So i used a stock crankshaft i had in spare, it’s doing a great job so far. I also did the blueprinting after the engine was assembled, but it turned out fine.