2 Replies to “Vespa Ciao with variomatic.”

  1. Excellent work!
    Do you think maybe you can list what parts are needed to put a vario on the standard ciao? And what parts to avoid?

    I would like to do this some day to one of my ciao’s.

    Thank you!

    1. You need a rear gearbox for vario, it has a long input shaft. The are different ratios, i’d recommend a 10,X:1 for a tuned setup like this with a fast 43-46 mm kit.
      Then the rear pulley setup with clutch, you need the one with 90 mm discs, the 100 mm version doesn’t fit well.
      A Polini, malossi og Pinasco variator in the front.
      You also need a special belt, get the one called AX35,5 – that fits best in my opinion.
      Then some rollers and clutch springs to fine tune, most variators come with rollers in the region og 6,5-7 gram, that is good for most setups.

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