Vespa Bravo 1986

I thought i didn’t need more mopeds for now, but then a old friend messaged me. He had this Vespa Bravo that he couldn’t get done. Everything was disassembled, engine and everything. The price was ok and included delivery, so i felt it was my duty to save this (once) fine Moped.


My first plan was to assemble everything as is, but the paintjob is just terrible . Everything is sprayed over, it needs a new paintjob.


The engine got a quick cleanup, new bearings and seals. The crankshaft was a bit abused, i’m giving it a chance. I’m running a original cylinder, the inlet timing and restriction are modified a bit. Just enough to pull a grown man, no racing engine… yet!


More information is found in the image descriptions, i will update the galleries with additional pictures when i get more work done.

2 Replies to “Vespa Bravo 1986”

  1. Wow! Just wow! Very beautiful work, and I envy your beautiful workshop too 🙂

    Very nice job!

    By the way, how does the VHT gasket maker work? Can you explain?

    1. The VHT gives a bit more sealing if you run without a head gasket, like most piaggios do from the factory. Often they leak some oil when the engine gets hot, this VHT gasket is a kind of sprayglue with copper elements, it works at high temperatures.

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