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  1. Hey, i have one too, i put a giraldone fast cilynder on it and an old 19,19 dellorto that i have to choke to drive propper, runs like a champ now 😉

    gr yzer !

    1. Cool, where do you live? I’ve read somewhere that it was only made for the german market, but don’t know if thats true?

      Mine is only a 2,6 HP version with a small 12 mm carb. So it does 50 km/h max. But that’s fine, mopeds are only allowed to drive 30 km/h in denmark 😉

      If you need to ride it with the choke on, you need to have a bigger main jet 🙂

      1. Is there any Manuel for it because I’ve just bought one and I need to find out how to fix the mess the previous owner did to it

  2. Nice build man! I have one too, but I can’t find a manual or parts for it. It’s like they made only a few of them and nobody has any parts left haha. Can you help me? I did got some info from your photos, thanks.

    1. You are right, only a few made and close to no parts available. I found some used parts in Germany and ebay. The engine is used in many bikes, Morini TM4, parts also fit from other Morini engines other than the TM4.
      I have some engine repair manuals I could share with you. Can I send them to your mail?

  3. Hey I have been repairing my motobecane TM4 but i have come along some problems….1) my speedometer doesn’t work, 2) the kilometer counter isnt connected

    I would also need a few spare parts: any idea where i can buy them?
    -connection piece between exhaust pipe and motor block
    -a horn

    Also one more question do you have an electric scheme of how your lights are connected to buttons and generator etc?
    Is there a manual for this motorbike to be found somewhere, if so all help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

      1. Hi Bert, i used a speedometer drive from a Vespa Ciao. I think i needed to enlarge the bore from 11 to 12 mm. And then use some washers to place it correctly. I think i got the speedo cable from a Ciao also, or a universal.

        The horn is just a universal 6V horn, it’s important that you get a AC model, since you don’t have a battery.

        These parts, and the Zündapp lock, can be found at https://www.jmpbparts.com/

        I don’t know where to buy a exhaust header pipe.

        Also i don’t have a scheme for the electrics. There are only two cables coming from the ignition, killswitch and lights. So it’s pretty easy to follow and figure out.

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