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  1. Hey, i have one too, i put a giraldone fast cilynder on it and an old 19,19 dellorto that i have to choke to drive propper, runs like a champ now 😉

    gr yzer !

    1. Cool, where do you live? I’ve read somewhere that it was only made for the german market, but don’t know if thats true?

      Mine is only a 2,6 HP version with a small 12 mm carb. So it does 50 km/h max. But that’s fine, mopeds are only allowed to drive 30 km/h in denmark 😉

      If you need to ride it with the choke on, you need to have a bigger main jet 🙂

      1. Is there any Manuel for it because I’ve just bought one and I need to find out how to fix the mess the previous owner did to it

  2. Nice build man! I have one too, but I can’t find a manual or parts for it. It’s like they made only a few of them and nobody has any parts left haha. Can you help me? I did got some info from your photos, thanks.

    1. You are right, only a few made and close to no parts available. I found some used parts in Germany and ebay. The engine is used in many bikes, Morini TM4, parts also fit from other Morini engines other than the TM4.
      I have some engine repair manuals I could share with you. Can I send them to your mail?

  3. Hey I have been repairing my motobecane TM4 but i have come along some problems….1) my speedometer doesn’t work, 2) the kilometer counter isnt connected

    I would also need a few spare parts: any idea where i can buy them?
    -connection piece between exhaust pipe and motor block
    -a horn

    Also one more question do you have an electric scheme of how your lights are connected to buttons and generator etc?
    Is there a manual for this motorbike to be found somewhere, if so all help would be greatly appreciated 🙂

      1. Hi Bert, i used a speedometer drive from a Vespa Ciao. I think i needed to enlarge the bore from 11 to 12 mm. And then use some washers to place it correctly. I think i got the speedo cable from a Ciao also, or a universal.

        The horn is just a universal 6V horn, it’s important that you get a AC model, since you don’t have a battery.

        These parts, and the Zündapp lock, can be found at https://www.jmpbparts.com/

        I don’t know where to buy a exhaust header pipe.

        Also i don’t have a scheme for the electrics. There are only two cables coming from the ignition, killswitch and lights. So it’s pretty easy to follow and figure out.

  4. Hi I have a question!
    I have one too, But I can’t figure out witch oil I should use for the transmission??
    Is motoroil oke ? Or should it be something more specific such as transmission oil?
    With oil did you use on picture 37?

    1. Hi Oskar. Use simple lawnmower oil, also called SAE 30. It is very simple, without too much additives. This engine has a wet clutch, and a bronze bushing inside. Modern car engine oils have additives that can make the clutch slip, and gear protection that can corrode bronze bushings. Up to GL-4 is ok, GL-5 and higher not.

  5. Hi guys.

    last week i bought a Motobecane TM4 . does anybody know where i can get uc4 pistons and other uc4 engine parts

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