Small Pistons Moped Touring 2018

This year was the hottest summer in history, we caught the last days of heat and sunshine in the start of august. 25-30°C the first three days, riding in shorts and t-shirt, amazing.

We starter our trip at home, as usual, crossed Jylland up to Kolding where we slept the first night. On the second day we took the partially closed bridge over the “Lillebælt” and rode along the northern coast of Fyn. A short trip past Odense brought us to our second location, a modern shelter in Munkebo.

On the third day, we crossed Fyn from Nyborg to Bøjden. Like the other days, amazing roads and nature. Bøjden is the city where the ferry goes back to Jylland, here we also found our last shelter.

Please enjoy the pictures in the gallery, and the comments below. And of course, video footage from the whole trip.


Small Pistons Moped Touring 2013

This year we managed to have 11 participants on our annual moped holiday. We went along the danish/german border and took the ferry to funen where we went along the coast. It took three days to drive a little over 500 km, we planned four days but hurried home when we got too much rain.

Remember to watch it in the highest quality settings 🙂