Omer Scrambler – Engine Part 1

My brother Stefan and I did a little engine work this weekend, until a missing flywheel puller stopped our progress. But we managed to get a first look at the internals, and so far it’s not looking too good.

First problem was the cylinder barrel, a “specialist” has tuned it in the past. The ports and piston skirts are all messed up, sadly. The cylinder head doesn’t look too good either, it shows signs of detonation or alot of driving with a way too lean mixture.

The secondary gear shaft is messed up where the chain sprocket is attached, i’m not sure if we can fix it. Maybe we need a new one, which is hard to find.

More pictures, remember to look for descriptions on some of the pictures:

Omer Scrambler

Yet another project on my workbench. My brother wanted something bigger than his Puch Maxi, and with more than one speed and an automatic clutch. So he found a very seldom Omer Scrambler, with a Minarelli P6 engine. Edit: The engine turned out to be a 4-speed, not a 6-speed. The engine case says P6, but it isn’t.

Lets start with some pictures that my brother took with his phone in the basement.

Next up: The engine will receive a complete overhaul.