Small Pistons Moped Touring 2016

This years moped touring took place in southern denmark, from the westcoast to the small island Langeland. To get there we had to cross southern Funen, lovely roads and nature that we have ridden through several times. Langeland was amazing too, very quiet and lots of fun roads to ride.

spsommer2016 (17)

We experienced the worst weather we’ve ever had on our annual summer trip. But with nice shelters and warm camp fires we kept a good mood.

Check our gallery and video from this trip below:


Kims Gilera 50 Touring

Kim has been riding his beautiful Gilera 50 Touring for some years. The old 4-speed engine was a bit oil thirsty, so we planned an engine overhaul. But Kim had a surprise for me, a rare 5-speed engine imported from Italy.

2016-04-15 21.29.42

The engine was in an impressive condition, the left crankshaft bearing had rust damage, we changed all bearings, gaskets and seals. The engine is like new, drives and shifts like a dream.

Short video of Kims first ride, i hope to make a better onboard video someday.

More pictures from the restoration are found in the gallery below, remember to check for image comments.

Battes 4 speed big port Puch engine

Batte has a nice Puch Grand Prix 3 speed, but the 4 speed fever has spread to him too. We found a nice X50-4 engine in Austria. It had some chain damage to the engine case, our buddy Nikolaj welded it. The engine had been stored for many years, with old oil and a bit of moisture. Most bearings and the crankshaft where damaged due to rust. We changed everything with new parts.

2016-04-09 17.30


The cylinder had some rust damage too, we’ve found a oversize piston for it. Right now we are waiting for the rebore. We also changed the exhaust timing a bit, it was very low for our taste. The new engine timings are ~99° transfer ports and ~147° exhaust port.