Kims Gilera 50 Touring

Kim has been riding his beautiful Gilera 50 Touring for some years. The old 4-speed engine was a bit oil thirsty, so we planned an engine overhaul. But Kim had a surprise for me, a rare 5-speed engine imported from Italy.

2016-04-15 21.29.42

The engine was in an impressive condition, the left crankshaft bearing had rust damage, we changed all bearings, gaskets and seals. The engine is like new, drives and shifts like a dream.

Short video of Kims first ride, i hope to make a better onboard video someday.

More pictures from the restoration are found in the gallery below, remember to check for image comments.

Battes 4 speed big port Puch engine

Batte has a nice Puch Grand Prix 3 speed, but the 4 speed fever has spread to him too. We found a nice X50-4 engine in Austria. It had some chain damage to the engine case, our buddy Nikolaj welded it. The engine had been stored for many years, with old oil and a bit of moisture. Most bearings and the crankshaft where damaged due to rust. We changed everything with new parts.

2016-04-09 17.30


The cylinder had some rust damage too, we’ve found a oversize piston for it. Right now we are waiting for the rebore. We also changed the exhaust timing a bit, it was very low for our taste. The new engine timings are ~99° transfer ports and ~147° exhaust port.

Pers Vespa Ciao 1984

Per is back again with a new moped. He came in for a quick tune-up but stayed for an engine rebuild. The moped was sold as completely restored, but it didn’t run well at all. No power and after several hundred meters a top speed of 25 km/h.

Pers Ciao

When we checked the ignition, we found that the crankshaft had several mm axial play:

The engine had to be split, luckily that’s a quick job on a Ciao. Someone had ground the crankshaft down to easier slide into the bearings. We ordered a new one, and a few performance parts.

We removed the restriction from the inlet and drilled the carburettor up to 10 mm. We mounted a DR 38,4 mm cylinder, Mazzucchelli race crank and a Giannelli exhaust. Rides very nice with lots of power. Per is running a short gear ratio, so it climbs hills effortlessly.

A few build pics: